Potentially Controversial Rant

by izzabellezi

Today a man was killed in Woolwich in a religiously motivated attack.

This week a tornado hit Oklahoma.

These two events, bloody awful each of them in their own right, have been splattered all over the news. I’ve seen both of them everywhere equally because of the mixture of Americans and British I follow on Twitter and Instagram, but the extent to which people only care for their own was revealed today in the wake of the Woolwich attack.


  • The U.N. estimate that Syria’s civil war has claimed nearly 70,000 lives in just less than two years
  • On average, that’s 3,043 deaths a month and 0.311% of the total population


Why aren’t people posting prayer chains on Facebook for Syria? Why isn’t it trending on Twitter? Why isn’t there pictures of it all over Instagram? I know it’s been going on for a long time now, and perhaps we’re a little numb to the reality, but it doesn’t make it any less shocking and I can’t understand why it seems that people have stopped caring. Just because these people seem alien to us, and because they live so far away, we cannot simply let them be. I’m not saying a prayer chain or a trend or a picture will do much good, but these people, these victims of war need to be in our consciousness.

All over Facebook people are talking about defending our country over these sorts of attacks from religious warriors; why should our country be at the forefront? Does the person matter or the idea of the nation to which the person belongs?

We’re a hell of a long way off equality and valuing life for the sake of life as opposed to what it represents.