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This blog was intended to store all of the interesting things I found online: documentaries, essays, articles, videos etcetera. It seems to have, however, become something more along the lines of a forum for my political views. As a disclaimer, I don’t claim to know what is right or wrong, good or bad. What I write on here is just my personal views, what I feel is right from a humanitarian perspective. I’m also writing from the viewpoint of an 18 year old student who has never experienced serious financial struggle or injustice, so I appreciate that to those who have, my views may come across as misunderstanding or naive.

I’m passionate about the rights of women in oppressive cultures and prison/criminal justice. I believe that we need to pay more attention to behavioural, mental and genetic influences on criminals, and for that reason I’m a bit of a keyboard warrior seems as I’ve experienced aggressive reactions to my views in public. I’m also a pacifist, although I’m beginning to reconsider in extreme cases. I would really be interested to hear arguments against my views as I wish to know both sides of an argument.

I’m starting university in September to study English Literature and after that I aim to spend around 3 years in the Middle East working with victims of war. I know that’s planning far ahead, but it’s my preliminary mental trajectory. If anyone has any information/advice on this I would appreciate it too.

I hope you find something of interest on this page – please comment, feed back and follow!