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The Snuff Film



I found out about snuff films from a particularly enthusiastic friend. We were sitting in my room, sifting through films to watch, and suddenly she perked up that she’d read about these films, in particular ‘Snuff’ from where the legend stems, where people were actually killed because the budget was so low they couldn’t afford any fancy special effects.

I still believed that until just now…

This explains the whole history, hoax and controversy – plus adding in geeky horror film information which I always love! Read it here.

Colour Film from 1927


As a person who loves London and its history, this is super exciting. I always imagine history almost as fiction because I have no way of really experiencing it – in fact it’s even less believable than fiction, because you never become quite so involved in a plot, but just see certain chapters and only a couple of protagonists.

Bringing the 20s into colour has a very bizarre effect of making the era more believable – this is why this footage is so awesome, watch it here:


…now when will we discover that Aristotle came across a camcorder?